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ICL's Products and Services

EMSS(R) Exim Management Software Solution
EMSS™ (Exim Management Software Solution) is an Enterprise Solution (ERP) for Importers and Exporters especially manufacturers having huge cargo volume and transactions. EMSS™ consists of several integrated modules :

  • Import,
  • Export,
  • Factory,
  • License/Bond/Incentives,
  • Inventory Control System,
  • EMSS-Web and
  • ERP Integration.

ICLIGM(R) Software
ICLIGM(R) An Enterprise Software Solution for Shipping Companies, Shipping Agents, Freight forwarders, NVOCC and Liners.
ICLIGM(R) is ICEGATE - S.C.M.T.R. Compatible Software.
ICLIGM™ Software consists of several integrated Modules.
Available for Linux and Windows O/S.
ICLIGM Cloud version (All India Ports) available.