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About us

Founded in 1992 by Mr. Amarjit Singh Arora, and later joined by Mr. Gurmeet Singh Arora and Inderjit Singh Arora, Immortal Computer Lab Pvt. Ltd. (ICL) is a family-owned company. With a strong focus on customer experience since our inception, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions.

At ICL, we prioritize your needs when designing our software, such as ICLIGM Software and EMSS (Exim Management Software Solution). Our website EXIMON.com, and software interface are clear and user-friendly, providing relevant content without distractions. Our goal is to create products that work so seamlessly that you don't have to think about their design.

Recognizing the value of your time, we strive to provide solutions for your Export Import business promptly. Our objective is to have customers successfully implement our software and database, enabling them to operate entirely online as quickly as possible. By constantly improving our serving environment, incorporating multiple masters, inbuilt reports, and MIS, we have set new speed records for software implementation with the cooperation of our customers. Whether it's a desktop application, web portal, or cloud application, we ensure that our interfaces are designed to keep up with modern technology.

Feedback from our hundreds of concurrent clients plays a vital role in the continuous improvement of our software and databases. We carefully evaluate each feedback, employing various techniques such as surveys from our existing clients, to address bugs, resolve errors, and update our core products. As our software and databases grow, this feedback-driven approach only strengthens, providing us with valuable insights.

Our revenue is generated through the sale of our software, databases, and cloud services. However, we believe that true success lies in the successful implementation of our solutions, not just their sale. Therefore, we prioritize after-sales service over marketing.

Even if you're unsure of what you're looking for, finding an answer on EXIMON™ is our responsibility, not yours. We strive to anticipate and meet the needs of our global audience by developing products and services that set new standards. When we launched ICLIGM™ and EMSS™, they offered more features than any other software vendor in the market. Today, such offerings have become obvious, as we continuously raise the bar for our software standards. Our relentless pursuit of improvement drives everything we do, always seeking to make a difference wherever we can.

ICLIGM, EMSS, and EXIMON are registered trademarks of ICL, protecting our innovative solutions in the industry.